Old Bear


EasySSH - A ssh connections manager

Seahorse + seahorse-nautilus - Password manager and files encryption

Notepadqq - The best replacement for Notepad++

Anki - Flash cards

Peek - A GIF generator. Useful for helping people or creating tutorials

FileZilla - One of the best FTP, SFTP clients

Remmina - RDP, VNC client

Wireshark - A must have for anyone who is into I.T.

Rednotebook - Hands down the best software for taking notes

Meld - A graphical diff

Regex Tester - You got it

Zeal - Download and keep offline documentation of many different languages and softwares

Qmmp - If you were Winamp fan, this music player is for you

Timeshift - If you like changing your configuration files a lot, you need this tool

Mark Text - Great markdown reader and editor