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Connecting Raspbian to your wifi and enabling SSH and VNC without a keyboard

In order to connect your Raspian to your wireless network and enable SSH access to it, follow the steps:

Execute the command mount and copy the full path of where the Raspian rootfs is being mounted. In my case /run/media/whoami/rootfs.

Paste the full path in front of rootfs_path in the text box.

Type your network name and password.


# Now, click on Copy button and paste in your terminal.
# Don't change the following commands.


echo network={                    >> $wifi_config
echo    ssid="$my_network_name"   >> $wifi_config
echo    psk="$my_network_pass"    >> $wifi_config
echo    key_mgmt=WPA-PSK          >> $wifi_config
echo }                            >> $wifi_config

touch $rootfs_path/boot/ssh

Boot your Raspiberry Pi and give it a time to connect to your wireless. From a computer that is also connected to the same wifi network, do:

ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

After enabling the VNC Server using the raspi-config wizard, if you still can’t connect to it, run the following commands on Raspian console:


echo Authentication=VncAuth       >> $vnc_config
echo Encryption=AlwaysOff         >> $vnc_config
echo Password=494015f9a35e8b22      >> $vnc_config

The password is 123456

Good Luck!

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